TLC for Kids provides support for all kids and families in hospital

We’re all Dads, so when TLC for Kids asked us to help create a campaign that would resonate with more Australians and drive participation in Tracky Dack Day, we were delighted to help.


A more modern (and retro) logo. A little bit sporty … a little bit casual … and a real signpost for a great cause.


The term ‘Tracky Dack’ is in itself an Australian icon, so we wanted to make Tracky Dack Day an iconic Australian event by associating it with iconic Australian people, places and brands – and creating a call to arms … or call to Tracky Dacks (as it were).


Christe Whelan-Brown and Shura Taft talk TLC.


The email signature, the poster you put up at work


Another iconic Australian (Hills Hoist) proudly wears Tracky Dacks. So does Melbourne Town Hall.